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Dang Good People: How Omni Changed My Business

  • Date: January 25, 2017
  • By: Stephen Utech

In November of 2015, I talked to a friend I knew in information technology. He’s a talented guy and I wanted his advice on how to automate our Culture Analysis process at Utech Consulting. He scoped out the project and offered to do some of the work himself, but what he really recommended was that we work with Omni Resources.

Two weeks later I had two Omni representatives, Tony and Pat, in my office. I don’t know what it is about Pat, but he just exudes trustworthiness. He’s a brilliant guy and I remember loving his ability to think though patterns “in the moment.” The guy has definitely got some skills. He’s also super nice, patient and down-to-earth.

Tony also won me over, but in a much different way. He was confident in Omni, very direct, and upfront. But I came away with two solid impressions: He believed in me and the project, and he was committed to doing whatever it takes to help our business be successful.

In the end, I got exactly that. The Omni team worked tirelessly to ensure things were done, not only the right way, but the best way. I felt comfortable from the early stages of the project. I remember thinking, “They’ve got this.” And indeed they did.

Here’s to the Omni team members who brought my vision to life:

• The business analyst: I didn’t know what a business analyst was at the start of the project, but the role was indispensable! Carley was both tenacious and talented, and I’m pretty sure she asked me more questions than anyone ever has…ever. She was the driving force in fleshing out my ideas and making this a reality.

• The developers: These two guys just flat out delivered. Nothing seemed to phase them. They did a beautiful job with the UI, making it both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. And, while not as sexy, I also know they made the project safe, secure, and reliable.

• The project manager: Emilie had a fun, gentle personality, yet she moved things forward on time and on budget. That was no easy task.

• Omni leadership: I know Omni wrote off some money on this project because they wanted to see us succeed. As a small business with limited resources that meant so much to me. Businesses don’t just do that for other businesses. People do that for people though. And the Omni team are some dang good people.

Omni helped give birth to the vision in my head. They shaped it, molded it, and brought it to life. I loved the experience. Seriously, I had fun! (And how often do you hear that at the end of a software development project?)

I came away from this, not just with a piece of software, but an appreciation for the creative process involved. I came out of this with a long-term partner as well. I am so grateful to Omni. They’ve allowed me to change the way I do business and that, quite literally, is going to change my life. 

about author

Stephen Utech

Stephen is the Principal at Utech Consulting. Founded in 1991, Utech works with clients across the country to break down the relational barriers that limit personal and professional performance and growth. Utech’s proven interactional focus delivers results, getting at the root of problems quickly. Their Customized Organizational Development Process provides businesses and organizations the tools to resolve people issues, create strong teams, develop leadership potential, and hire the right people for the right job. Utech has also partnered with trusted business experts to provide complementary services clients may need before or after they work with Utech. Resources include health and wellness, people development and strengthening families. Stephen motivates and excites clients with his passion for the organizational development process. His engaging style encourages people to continually elevate and adjust to promote long-term, meaningful change. Change can be difficult for most people, even when the benefits appear obvious to outsiders, so he uses a direct but unintimidating approach to help individuals adapt and reach their potential. A student of communication, Stephen has a rich understanding of how effective interaction moves organizations forward. He asks clients the right questions to help them zero in on what’s truly important to accelerate change and is personally invested in the process through implementation and project management. Adept at breaking down complex processes into logical, manageable steps, his ‘quick read’ perspective enables him to recognize patterns and connections that speed the process. When organizations are going through troubled times, Stephen has a knack for stepping in and diffusing tension while bringing clarity to the situation. Stephen earned a Master’s degree focusing on Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Denver, and received an undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota. With a passion for family business, Stephen currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Family Business Forum of Wisconsin. He has a wife and three children, and he enjoys exploring different parts of the world, when time permits.

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