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What Is Data Governance? Here's What You Need to Know.

Application Development Data Management Software Development

Have you ever been part of a large corporate IT project that got all kinds of attention during implementation and launch, only to die on the vine a few months later?

It Doesn't Matter What Industry You're In. You Need DevOps.

Agile DevOps Automation

There is an unplanned outage and your company's most important application has gone down. It's taking forever to come online again. When you ask your IT department what's going on and when your application is going

Everyone In The Call Center Industry Should Be Automating Their Business Processes. Here's Why.

Business Processes K2 Customer Experience

Call centers are broken. And unless someone does something about it, contact centers will continue to be the villains of the customer service world, funneling organizations' cash into a black hole, and sucking the

In Over Your Head With Your Database? Here are 5 Signs It's Time to Go NoSQL.

Data Management Big Data Analytics

You've got database drama. You've tuned and tuned, but your queries are still taking forever, and when they come back, they're not returning great results.

Don't Think of AI When You Think of BI? Here's Why You Should.

Data Management Big Data Artificial Intelligence

When artificial intelligence is discussed, people tend to get a little breathless about its possibilities. And why not? The prospect of developing human-like intelligence and incorporating that intelligence into

AI, Machine Learning, and Your Business

Artificial Intelligence

Robby the Robot, HAL 9000, androids, replicants, Cylons, the hosts in Westworld: through the 20th century and into the 21st, popular culture has been fascinated by the prospect of artificial intelligence and its

Why Financial Institutions Must Warm to Blockchain


Blockchain is transforming the financial services industry.

Is Healthcare Ready for a Big Data Revolution?

Data Management Big Data Healthcare Analytics

Compared to other industries, Healthcare has been slow to adopt big data, for a variety of reasons. Hospitals’ budget priorities, medical records spread across various institutions, and concerns about data security

Agile vs. Scrum: What's the Difference?

Agile Project Management Scrum

Scrum. Agile. If you’ve worked in or near software development in the last 20 years, you’ve heard these two terms tossed around a lot. And, because they’re often used together, people sometimes think they’re the same