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So you've invested in K2. Now what?

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Congratulations — you've just invested in K2!  

5 Common Myths About Blockchain and Bitcoin

Events Bitcoin blockchain

Blockchain and Bitcoin just turned 10 — both were introduced in August of 2008 and both are beginning to mature into mainstream technologies that have the potential to change the way business is done. Because they

Why Financial Institutions Must Embrace Blockchain

Bitcoin blockchain cryptocurrencies

Blockchain is transforming the financial services industry. The shared digital ledger has huge implications for the way money is exchanged; it fundamentally changes the architecture of banking, makes activities like

How to Leverage Bitcoin Growth & Usability into Your Business Model

Bitcoin blockchain

Omni is excited to announce software architect, Jonathan Morley, author of That Book on Blockchain: A One-hour Intro joined us for a series of talks about blockchain and cryptocurrencies this month. Scroll to the

Everything Businesses Need to Know About Blockchain: A Conversation With Author Jonathan Morley

Bitcoin blockchain cryptocurrencies

Blockchain and Bitcoin. They've been all over the Internet, the news and social media ever since they came to prominence in the early 2010s. But despite the fact that blockchain and Bitcoin are often invoked as

5 Reasons Your Next Project Needs Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development

Agile: it started as a movement in 2001 and is now the gold standard for software development. Despite wide adoption, however, not everyone is using it. But you should: agile development is an approach to development

What is a 'Thing': A Basic Architecture for IoT Newbies

Data Management Big Data Internet of Things

Smart medical devices that transmit data directly to healthcare providers. Smart pallets that help warehouses keep track of inventory movements. Smart basketballs that help players track their shots as they practice.

Are Consultants Always On The Road? The Top 5 Myths About Becoming an IT Consultant

Culture #WeAreOmni staffing

You've got a great job in IT – you're full-time, you get good benefits and you're well paid, but you're bored. Maybe you've climbed the ladder as far as you can at your job. Or maybe you have your own business, but

5 Benefits of Business Process Automation

Business Processes K2 Automation

Almost any task you do at work requires a sequence of events. Take a contractor, emailing an invoice. That invoice goes to the contractor's point of contact within your business, then to a manager, and then — once