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Saggezza Expands Midwest Presence with Strategic Acquisition of Omni


We are excited to announce Omni has officially joined forces with Saggezza, a leading global technology solutions provider headquartered in Chicago, IL. This acquisition will further augment Saggezza’s Midwestern presence while expanding its technical resources, expertise and global capabilities to Omni’s clients.

How Do You Manage Your Data? 5 Data Analytics Tools That Will Help

Data Management Analytics Business Intelligence

When I work with clients on data analytics projects, I usually start by asking a question: “Can you tell me what your most profitable product is?” It’s seems like an easy question to answer, and clients usually give me their best-selling product, but it’s not as simple as the product your organization sells the most.  When you’re identifying your most profitable product, you need to know how much that item costs you — those costs can be operating expenses, man-hours, storage, manufacturing or any other item that contributes to the financial footprint of that product. Chances are, when you start thinking about these factors, the answer suddenly become more complicated then at first glance.  

What does an Agile scrum master do? (And how can you get the most out of working with one.)

Agile Software Development Project Management

If your organization is getting started with an Agile software development project, you can expect to be working closely with an Agile scrum master. This person plays a very important role in the development process and will be both your right hand and your window into the work the Agile team is doing on your project. If this is your first Agile project, however, you might have some questions about what a scrum master is, and how you should be working with them.

Why does your Agile project need a project manager?

Software Agile Project Management

Your organization needs software built. You could invest in a team, complete with a project manager, or you could just hand the project over to a developer and have that developer create the software and report to you. After all, a project manager isn’t doing the coding. Why have them on the team at all?

5 things to look out for when implementing Agile for the first time

Agile Software Development Project Management

Agile adoption is at an all-time high. According to last year’s State of Agile report, 97 percent of participating organizations are running some kind of Agile development, while several reports indicate that Agile software development is now the norm. Agile may be increasingly popular, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have an easy time implementing it in your company. Any change is often met with resistance — even changes that are good for your organization and projects.

Every company needs technology: the top 3 tech trends to focus on this year

Security Analytics Automation

Technology has made great leaps in the past few years. Think about the difference in your personal devices from 2015 to now — in 2015 your smartphone didn’t have facial recognition, and you didn’t have to be careful saying the word “Alexa” in a friend’s home, lest you wake up an Amazon Echo.

How being a project manager improved (and is still improving) my communication skills

Project Management

A little background about myself first. I worked my way up through the ranks to become a project manager: intern, developer, senior developer, scrum master and currently project manager. From the start of my career, I always loved working with the business and trying to understand what the current challenge was and how IT could help make their job simpler, faster and have a more reliable outcome. As my communication skills improved and I learned that each client has different needs and expectations, I knew I wanted to become that “go to” person. You know, that guy that ties the client to the development team.

How to get employee buy-in for BPM: Watch our vlog

Business Processes Business Process Management

Whenever a new technology is introduced to an organization, people tend to get nervous and business process management (BPM) is no exception. When a company begins to automate a business process, the employees whose job it is to manually complete those tasks may become concerned. Will this change the way they work? Will the new technology be overwhelming? Even worse, are they being automated out of a job?

5 Things Successful Custom Application Development Projects Have in Common

Application Development Software Development Project Management

Your company is going into a major software development project. You’re investing a lot of time and resources into the project and the application you’re developing is critical to your business’s success. How do you make sure the project is a success? While no one can guarantee success in development, there are some things you can do to ensure that your custom application development goes as smoothly as possible.