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Libratus - No-Limit AI

Artificial Intelligence

We’ve known for some time now that AI programs have been able to take the crown in many perfect information games such as chess (Deep Blue), and Go (Alpha Go). However, with poker, one player does not know exactly

What I Learned from Creating a New Website in Two Months


It was my second day working at Omni when the Vice President of Marketing & Sales walked into my office and said, “We need to think about our current website and come up with something that better reflects who we are

Moving to the Cloud: Lift and Shift vs Cloud Native


Reasons for Moving to the CloudWhen trying to find the best fit for your organization and approach to adopt migrating to the cloud, several factors come into play which might influence or drive your options. There is

How to Leverage Bitcoin Growth & Usability into Your Business Model


With Bitcoin becoming a mainstream commodity, many businesses are looking for ways to leverage it into their business models. Bitcoin use has considerable advantages that can help your bottom line and the convenience

#WeAreOmni Feature: Dan Kuchler

Culture #WeAreOmni

Dan Kuchler is a veteran at Omni and has been in the role of Solutions Consultant since 2012. He resides in Appleton with his wife and two daughters. Dan agreed to be the first employee featured in our #WeAreOmni

Our Business-First Solution to ETL's Business-Last Approach

Data Management Big Data Analytics

You own a paint manufacturing business and you need to know how much you are spending on red pigment. You ask your business leaders to generate a report. Six months later they built a machine that knocks over

SaaS: Marketing and Sales vs Technology Spending


In today’s fast paced market, if a software company grows only 20% it faces a 92% chance that it will not even exist within 3 years (Mckinsey). In other industries, a 20% growth rate is fantastic, in software it is

Self-Driving Cars: Inside the Machine

Culture Artificial Intelligence

Instead of convincing you to trust or avoid a self-driving car, or debating timeline predictions, let's leave that drama to the thousands of other blogs for now.Let's get a little adventurous and pop the hood

What Minimalism Can Teach About Creating an MVP

Design Software Development