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Why Financial Institutions Must Warm to Blockchain


Blockchain is transforming the financial services industry.

Is Healthcare Ready for a Big Data Revolution?

Data Management Big Data Healthcare Analytics

Compared to other industries, Healthcare has been slow to adopt big data, for a variety of reasons. Hospitals’ budget priorities, medical records spread across various institutions, and concerns about data security

Agile vs. Scrum: What's the Difference?

Agile Project Management Scrum

Scrum. Agile. If you’ve worked in or near software development in the last 20 years, you’ve heard these two terms tossed around a lot. And, because they’re often used together, people sometimes think they’re the same

Adventures in Editors

#WeAreOmni Software Development

Text editors are strange when you’re a developer. At first glance, it seems like they should be some of the simplest applications on your machine; but as a developer it also most likely your most used. This, coupled

Robots At Work: What AI, RPA, and Machine Learning Mean for Business Process Management

Machine Learning Business Processes Artificial Intelligence

AI has long been thought of as the future of the workplace, but the truth is this: AI is already here. Chances are, your workplace is probably already using some sort of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

What Is Decision Modeling, And Why Do You Need It?

Data Management Big Data Analytics

Decisions, decisions. Nothing is more stress-inducing — particularly in business, where decision-makers are often under pressure to act quickly— than having to make a big decision. 

What Can A Company Do With Agile Data? Watch Our Webinar and Find Out.

Agile Data Management Big Data MarkLogic

It takes a lot of information to make a widget. Parts, materials, expenses, how things fit together — from research and design to assembly to servicing finished products, the manufacturing industry generates a lot of

Omni – K2 Silver Delivery Partner and Gold Value Added Reseller

Business Processes K2

Omni is now a K2 Silver Delivery Partner and a Gold Value Added Reseller. At this time we are the only business in the Midwest to be both a delivery partner and a value added reseller, allowing us to provide a full

April Fool's Day - Omni Style

Culture #WeAreOmni

April Fools is this Sunday and that’s no joke. Have any good pranks up your sleeve? My 7-year old son has been telling me about some of the pranks he would like to pull off like the Mentos in a Coke bottle trick or