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We help clients use technology to drive business forward.

You rely on technology to run your business but that’s not the business you’re in. You have revenue targets to hit, products to deliver and customers to serve. At Omni, we get it…and can help you leverage technology to your advantage.


Custom Software & Web Application Development

With expertise in the industry’s leading-edge programming languages, Omni’s customer software development team will transform your vision into a thoughtfully engineered software asset.

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From responsive web development to quality assurance testing, Omni is your go-to website development team.

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Whether you’re looking to create a brand new mobile concept, or extend the edges of your systems, Omni’s mobile team can help.

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Data Management & Analytics

Omni’s data management & analytics team can help you integrate your data systems to create powerful prediction engines and metrics that matter to your business.

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Business Process Management

Omni’s business process management team will help you find ways to automate workflow that will generate capacity and drive quality within your organization.

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Technology Consulting

Whether it’s working on core back-end systems (like the cloud, DevOps or performing automation and testing), developing front-end user interfaces or tackling brand new challenges like IoT, Omni’s team of experts will work side-by-side with you to make it happen.

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10 Ways Big Data is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

We share how manufacturing companies are using the power and capabilities of big data to their advantage. We also share a strategy for how to effectively start tapping into your existing data and create metrics that actually matter in driving your business forward.

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We use technology to solve tough business challenges…which makes for very happy clients.

“A lot of IT partners struggle to go from the vision to what it means in practical business terms. What was great about working with Omni was that they were really good at understanding our business goals and making sure the solution met them.”

James Young
Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp.

“We feel we made an excellent choice in selecting Omni Resources to assist in the development and delivery of two strategic projects.”

Dave Goodwin
Vice President, Information Technology
Employee Benefits Corporation

Clients Who Rely on Omni’s Expertise

Getting Started with Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

We share examples of how healthcare organizations are using the power of predictive analytics. Better patient outcomes, reduced costs and better efficiency are just a few of the benefits. We also share a strategy for how to get started with predictive analytics.

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